Loot Crate Review – May 2013

by Rigg Hendricks

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Loot Crate Review – May 2013

I’m a bit behind with the May Loot Crate review so expect  the one for the June Loot Crate later this week. For the uninitiated, Loot Crate is the monthly subscription box service with an eye towards products that Geeks and Gamers will appreciate. Every month (usually) we take a look at what’s in the latest Loot Crate and see how it stacks up against our expectations and previous months Loot Crate shipments.

Loot Crate works like this:  you subscribe for about $20 bucks a month (including shipping) over at the Loot Crate site linked below. You can go month by month but there are discounts for signing up for three and six month cycles at a time. You’ll receive your Loot Crate between the 20th and 25th of the month every month you’re a Loot Crate Subscriber. Being a Loot Crate subscriber will also get you access to special buys, surplus Loot Crates from previous months and the occasional special item or individual items from previous Loot Crates.

Each Loot Crate comes to your door filled with six to eight unique items that any Geek or Gamer will probably love. Lastly, there is a monthly “Mega Crate” giveaway that all Loot Crate subscribers are automatically entered to win. This is called the Mega Crate because it’s a special Loot Crate packed with items valued to about $250 every month!

Loot Crate Review – May 2013 – What’s in The Box?

Loot Crate Review - May 2013

Loot Crate Review – May 2013

Loot Crate has a unique theme every month and this month was no exception. The theme usually ties everything in the box together although sometimes the relationships aren’t obvious and you have to do a little thinking to sort it all out. May’s Loot Crate theme is “EQUIP” so you can extrapolate from that and see if and how everything fits the theme.

First up for the May Loot Crate is a digital subscription to Pure Nintendo Magazine. Pretty handy if you’re a fan of Nintendo and the Digital format is a plus, it’s easy to take it with you via your smart phone or tablet and there’s no paper with is good for the environment! Next up is the Black Tie Geek – 8 Bit Bow Tie, this is clever and looks pretty cool with little 8 bit Space Invaders on it. Moving along we come to the Graphic Lab Towel with the message “Don’t Panic, Remember Your Towel”. Digging deeper into the May Loot Crate we find a little tin box that looks like the Super Mario coin boxes and it’s full of little gold candy coins. There’s a Dojo-Ninja Rabbit Cord Wrap for keeping your cables neat and tidy and a Papercraft Ironman for you to cut out and assemble. There’s a sheet of stickers that has all kind of eyes, mouths, and other accessories for decorating your stuff (or defacing it, depending on your point of view hehe). Last but most definitely not least is probably what folks consider the “big item” in the May Loot Crate – it’s an action figure! It’s a DC Comics Batman and it’s randomized as there was a selection of these that included a couple different Batman figures, a Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc. These were randomly packaged in the Loot Crate as some of my friends who are also Loot Crate Subscribers got different figures than I did.

Loot Crate Review – May 2013 – What I Liked

The Loot Crate for May is pretty good. I really liked the Batman Action Figure but as I’ve mentioned in other Loot Crate reviews, mini figs and action figures are kind of my thing! I thought the digital subscription was a cool idea for a couple of reasons (as mentioned above) and I’d like to see more items like this in future Loot Crates because I think it’s a great way for them to really pack in some value and it’s a great use of resources that ties in nicely with geekdom – lets face it, if you’re here it’s because you’re connected and electronic subscriptions really give a lot of bang for the buck. I like the towel, I’m a huge fan of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books and I’ll use that towel at the gym, it’s already packed in my gym bag. It’ll be interesting to see how many nods of recognition I get from other geeky gym rats. Any time I get to talk about Loot Crate it’s always fun to explain it and point people at it so they can check it out for themselves. Lastly, the bow tie was pretty neat. I’m not sure when or where I’m going to wear that, but you know I’ll be looking for an excuse to use it and fly my geek flag.

Loot Crate Review – May 2013 – What I Didn’t Like

This months Loot Crate was definitely a step up from Aprils. If you recall, I was pretty underwhelmed with the April Loot Crate because it felt kind of lackluster. Having said that, I wasn’t too crazy about the stickers or the papercraft in the May Loot Crate. Don’t get me wrong, I love Iron Man so that wasn’t the problem, I’m just not that crazy about Papercraft in general and the stickers seem like they’d be great for an 8-10 year old – in fact that’s what I’m going to do with that stuff, just give it to my nephews who will appreciate it a lot more than I do. The candy thing was OK because of the tin but I’m starting to feel like there’s too much of this penny candy stuff in the Loot Crate so they need to find a better balance value-wise.

Loot Crate Review – May 2013 – Final Thoughts

This months Loot Crate was definitely a return to good form with a nice variety of stuff that really spoke to a lot of interests. What can I say, I love getting action figures/bobbleheads/minifigs usually. Overall I’m pretty happy with the May Loot Crate although I’d like to see less candy and stickers and more stuff like the digital subscription. I have to remind myself that it only costs $20 (and that $6 of that is shipping) so I think it’s a good idea to keep that in mind and temper your expectations month to month. As I’ve commented previously, the contents of Loot Crate can be a little subjective so your mileage may vary as your preferences do. Next months Loot Crate is already in the works and they’ve let slip that we’ll be getting another t-shirt so I’m really looking forward to that because the shirts I’ve received have been excellent so far! Look for the June Loot Crate review later this week, I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to it!

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