Loot Crate Review – December

by Rigg Hendricks

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Loot Crate is the monthly subscription box for geeks and gamers. Just like the many other themed subscription boxes out there, you sign up for a monthly delivery and sit back and wait for your goodies to arrive! Loot Crate sends you a box on the 20th of each month that’s loaded with fun stuff that’s curated to appeal to your geeky interests.

Loot Crate Review – December – What’s in the box?


Loot Crate Review - December Loot Crate

Loot Crate Review – December Loot Crate

Opening the December Loot Crate we find a cornucopia of geeky goodness all built around this months theme of “Kyujitsu”. The main items here are the plushies and they are great fun and sure to make you laugh. First up we have the Nerdy or Super Hero Domo Plush from NHK Japan. Then they throw in the every popular Honey Badger Don’t Care Plush from Randall’s Honey Badger. Next we get a Holiday Doodle Jump via Walls 360 & Lima Sky and a beer opener/bev tool that has “It’s 13:37 Somewhere” on it made by…Loot Crate Labs! For you fashionistas there’s a Geek/Gamer Split Personality Wristband. Last but not least in this months Loot Crate is the Atari Collectible Joystick with gum inside courtesy of Atari & Boston America.

Loot Crate Review – December – What I Like

Another great month from Loot Crate with a nice assortment of goodies. I’d have to rate the December Loot Crate a win. The plushies are pretty awesome and who doesn’t like the Honey Badger? Honey Badger don’t care whether you like him or not! Honey Badger is all up in your Loot Crate in with all your stuffs! The other stuff is like getting a little swag bag or all those little odds and ends you buy at the arcade with your skee ball tickets. Loot Crate so far delivers the fun and I’m completely satisfied!

Loot Crate Review – December – What I Didn’t Like

Once again Loot Crate delivers the goods. On time and on point. There isn’t much to complain about here. As usual your mileage may vary due to the subjectivity of the theme and the variety of items. While I’m not a fan of the Domo Plush others will be. I almost always end up giving away or trading a couple of the items in my Loot Crate so it’s no big deal if I’m not thrilled about a particular item.

Loot Crate Review – December – Final Thoughts

I’m two months in to my Loot Crate subscription and so for I’ve been pretty happy with the selection and variety. The service is great too, they never fail to communicate what’s going on and delivery information. It’s nice to get a little geeky care package towards the end of the month every month. Most big conventions and shows are during the spring and summer months so it’s pretty cool to get some gamer swag in those “off months” to keep things interesting. Who doesn’t like getting a little present every month even if you’re giving it to yourself? So far Loot Crate is doing a great job and I intend to continue my subscription.


Click Here To Get Your Own Loot Crate Subscription!

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