Loot Crate Review – February 2013

by Rigg Hendricks

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It’s time for us to take a look at Loot Crate for February 2013. First a quick overview of what exactly we’re talking about. It’s similar to Bark Box, but instead of getting goodies for your dog, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription gift box for geeks and gamers and it’s packed with great stuff.  You subscribe by going to their website and signing up for either a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual subscription. The cost is about twenty bucks a month with shipping although you receive a discount for the longer term subscriptions. It’s pretty simple really. You sign up, they charge you and then you sit back and wait for you Loot Crate to show up every month! Loot Crate makes a great gift for yourself or for the geeks and/or gamers that you know.

Loot Crate Review – February 2013 – What’s In The Box?

Loot Crate Review -  February 2013

Loot Crate Review – February 2013

Every month Loot Crate decides on a an overlying theme for the box and this month is no exception with the theme “Doctor”. Now if you’re a fan of classic British Television Sc-Fi then you probably guessed right away that this is going to have something to do with Doctor Who and if you did then you’re right!

The key items in this months Loot Crate is a Doctor Who/Transformers mashup. It’s a t-shirt called Tardis Prime with some awesome artwork that shows a Tardis that becomes a Transformer. Next up we have the usual assortment of add-on items. There’s a Mega Man air freshener, a Sharks drink koozie, some Cafeinated Brain Bits candy, Bacon Lip Balm and last but not least a Tetris style wall heart static sticker. Loot Crate does a good job of delivering items that fit the theme, some more subtly than others as you’ll see in the next section.

Loot Crate Review – February 2013 – What I Liked

The “big item” in this months Loot Crate is the Tardis Prime t-shirt and I have to say it’s freaking awesome. Tardis that is a Transformer and not just any Transfomer, it’s Optimus Prime! Right out of the gate this is extremely cool. When I showed pics of this shirt to my friends they all went crazy and it was an instant must have. The beer koozie with the shark on it was a little more subtle, it’s actually a “shark with frickin’ laser beams” ala Doctor Evil, subtle and clever! Next out of the box was the Mega-Man air freshener, doesn’t seem like it fits the theme but ah my friends it does. Mega-Man was created by Doctor Light! The Caffeinated Brain Bits candy is just what every gamer needs for those all night marathon gaming sessions food for your brain, I guess that’s kind of “doctory”…

The last two items aren’t so much Doctor themed but do dovetail nicely in Valentines Day. We have a Tetris Heart clingy sticker that can be be applied and removed from almost anything with a smooth surface. Lastly we get a tube of bacon flavored lip balm so you can deliver some bacon flavored kisses to your sweetheart. The little cared that comes with this months Loot Crate says “So what if Feb 14th has come and gone, bacon love lasts forever”. Once again, Loot Crate delivers the awesome!

Loot Crate Review – February 2013 – What I Didn’t Like

There’s not much I can complain about here. This month was exceptional. I loved everything about this months Loot Crate. The Tardis Prime t-shirt is defnitely my favorite thing but Loot Crate nailed it this month with the variety of items that are fun and timely.

Loot Crate Review – February 2013 – Final Thoughts

All I can say here about Loot Crate this month is WOW. They totally killed it this month! The t-shirt is my absolute favorite thing of all time since I subscribed to Loot Crate a few months ago. The box was on time, they communicated well as usual about shipping and even emailed me ahead of time to confirm that there was shirt coming in the box and make sure I had selected the proper size. Absolutely awesome service. The theme they picked was great and they did an excellent job of picking items that matched up well with the theme, even though some of them were subtle. I found the whole crate entertaining and was thrilled to get everything. If Loot Crate keeps going like this I will be a subscriber for a long time to come and I heartily recommend that you sign up too!

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