Loot Crate Review – January 2013

by Rigg Hendricks

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Loot Crate is the monthly subscription gift box for geeks and gamers. Just like other subscription gift boxes, you sign up for a subscription and then receive a little surprise package of goodness every month. You can go month to month at the full rate of about $20 per month or select a three or six month Loot Crate recurring subscription for a discount. Loot Crate delivers on time, every time and it’s always chock full of stuff that you or the geek/gamer in your life will love.

 Loot Crate Review – January 2013 – What’s In The Box?


Loot Crate Review - January 2013

Loot Crate Review – January 2013 – What’s in the Box!


The January Loot Crate is themed “Excelsior” and includes some pretty cool items and…SNACKS! This month we get a Marvel Workmans Carry All via Marvel. This is basically a mini lunch box. The one I received was Spider Man but there was an assortment and they were randomly distributed as usual. Next up we had a set of RPG dice from Chessex. This was a complete gamer set with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sided dice and a percentile ten sided die. This is awesome for all you tabletop RPG’ers out there, because as you know, you can never have enough dice! Also in the box were an assortment of 8-Bit goodies including a sticker pack, trading cards and a Zombie retro pin. Last but definitely not least was a pack of Hello Panda Snacks! The snacks were little crunchy biscuits with a chocolate center. So delicious, they didn’t last long… Once again, Loot Crate delivered on it’s promise of awesome!

 Loot Crate Review – January 2013 – What I Liked

Loot Crate was pretty epic this month to be honest. I was not expecting a mini lunch box. Granted it’s not a grown up lunch box but it’s perfect for a snack and you’ll be the envy of your friends when you bust that out at your next get together. If you don’t want to use it for snack time it will hold all manner of things from RPG accessories to school supplies. Heck you could use it for a little makeup box. On the subject of RPG dice, I loved getting the Chessex dice set because as I stated above you can never have too many dice for your game nights. It was definitely a pleasant surprise and Loot Crate outdid itself this month. Stickers are cool and the fact that they’re zombie stickers makes them even cooler because lets face it, these days it’s all about zombies.

 Loot Crate Review – January 2013 – What I Didn’t Like

Overall I don’t have much to dislike in this months Loot Crate. It’s a good assortment of stuff. The trading cards are neat but not really my thing so, (surprise) I’ll probably trade them for something else. I won’t be wearing the pin but I know someone who will so maybe I can trade it for some other goodies or bundle all of the 8-Bit stuff up and trade for more dice! Either way, as always your mileage may vary with the monthly assortment. Not everything in Loot Crate will appeal to every one but overall they do a great job of covering their bases and keeping Loot Crate interesting.

 Loot Crate Review – January 2013 – Final Thoughts

Loot Crate hits another home run…or touchdown or whatever you want to call it. Insert your favorite sports euphemism here. As usual their communication was excellent, they got the Loot Crate shipped on time and it arrived just a couple days after the 20th. It’s hard to believe that Loot Crate manages to bring the awesome month after month but three months in and I’m still stoked about getting a new one every month. I’m already looking forward to next months Loot Crate and wondering what will be in it!


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