Loot Crate Review – July 2013

by Rigg Hendricks

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Hey, welcome back to another Loot Crate Review! Running a bit late this month as I have been out of town part of the time but my Loot Crate arrived safely and was waiting for me when I returned home. (This is part of the genius of the whole Loot Crate experience, getting home to find a little surprise package of geek/gamer goodies just never gets old folks!) This is the ninth month in a row that we’ve subscribed to and reviewed Loot Crate and overall I’m very satisfied with the whole experience.

If you’ve never signed up for Loot Crate or any other subscription gift box services before, here’s a rundown of how these services work and what Loot Crate is specifically. Subscription gift boxes all work pretty much the same. You sign up for a service, either month to month or on a recurring basis like in 3 or 6 month increments. For the price of your subscription the service will deliver a mystery box of items every month or so. Each service is heavily themed towards a specific interest and Loot Crate is no different. Loot Crate is billed as the subscription gift box for geeks and gamers and that description is perfect. Every month Loot Crate delivers 6-8 items and the box is constructed around a theme that’s relevant to the geek/gamer crowd.

Loot Crate costs $13.37 per month (see what they did there?) and there’s also a $6 shipping fee. You can sign up for a longer term and get a discount off the base price. Loot Crate then bills you around the 10th of the month that your payment is due and ships your monthly crate on or around the 20th of each month. In the US Loot Crate is shipped via USPS so delivery usually takes a few days depending on how far you are from their distribution center. There’s also a monthly mega crate giveaway and Loot Crate occasionally offers special sales or items of interest for its subscribers.

Loot Crate – July 2013 – What’s In The Box?

Loot Crate Review - July 2013

Loot Crate Review – July 2013

Loot Crate has a theme every month and the contents of the crate will be built around that theme. Sometimes there’s an obvious connection and sometimes you have to think about it to get the connection. The Loot Crate theme for July was VGHS for – Video Game High School!

Loot Crate this month included the following – Video Game High School – Season One on DVD, Darth Vader Earbuds (there were a variety of these so each Loot Crate got a random pick, some of my friends received Stormtroopers, Yoda and C3P0 earbuds so there was a nice variety of these), VGHS Button Set, Epic Scents Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Air Freshener, PEZ Marvel Iron Man PEZ Dispenser, VGHS Pencil, VGHS Stormtrooper Vinyl Sticker and last but not least in the July Loot Crate a Rocket Jump Vinyl Sticker.

Loot Crate Review – July 2013 – What I Liked

I haven’t seen a lot of the VGHS episodes but it’s got a pretty big following. Even though this wasn’t particularly relevant to me I think it was a good choice for a Loot Crate theme. I really love the Darth Vader earbuds, it’s yet another way to fly your geek flag when you’re out and about. The PEZ dispenser also rocked my world. I love Marvel stuff and Iron Man is my favorite hero – I forgot to mention above that the PEZ dispensers were also a “random draw” in the July Loot Crate, as different crates had different Marvel Heroes in them. Gotta love the Sonic Air freshener and the timing is just about right too. My Mega Man air freshener from Loot Crate a couple months back is just about at the end of it’s freshness so Sonic can take over his duties. I thought the pencil was cute, mostly because it has “Emergency Wireless Keyboard” printed on it which always gets a laugh when I pull it out of my bag. Lastly, if you’ve been reading Loot Crate Review then you know I’m down with the Star Wars so anytime Loot Crate manages to work in a Star Warsy item I’m happy with that.

Loot Crate Review – July 2013 – What I Didn’t Like

As mentioned above, I’m not a big follower of VGHS so that stuff (the video, the Rocket Jump sticker, and the buttons) were less interesting to me. I do stand by what I said about it making sense though. Overall this was a good Loot Crate and even the items that I’m not particularly interested were good and stuck to the theme, I’ll give them away to friends or family who are interested in those things. Free swag for friends is always fun for me and for them so in the end it’s still sort of a win even with the Loot Crate stuff I’m not crazy about.

Loot Crate Review – July 2013 – Final Thoughts

Overall I liked this months Loot Crate a lot. There was a good variety of items even though it was themed on something I don’t particularly have any interest in. The Star Wars ear buds were a nice touch and definitely the stand out item for me. Loot Crate seems to have its finger on the pulse of what the geek/gamer crowd likes and is doing great job of delivering it month after month.

I have one final thought on the concept of Loot Crate in general. I see a lot of other reviewers basing their opinion of Loot Crate around the dollar value of the items in the Loot Crate every month. Honestly I think if you’re trying to figure out how much each item is worth and then decide if Loot Crate is good or not based on the estimated dollar value of the goods inside – you are doing it wrong. The whole point of this is to see and get some stuff that you might otherwise not get or run across in your normal routine. It’s not about “did I get twenty bucks worth of stuff” every month. You’re paying for the experience and nerdy fun and lets face it, if you’re a geek you’ve certainly paid a lot more for a lot less on occasion for that experience. Loot Crate delivers that experience to your doorstep every month, without fail and they do a great job!

August Loot Crate – CAKE

Loot Crate Review - July 2013

Loot Crate Review – July 2013 – August CAKE Theme & 12% DISCOUNT CODE

The theme for the August Loot Crate is CAKE. It’s Cake because Loot Crate is celebrating their one year anniversary!! You know that the theme CAKE relates to one of the best and well know game franchises out there so get in while you still can! Loot Crate has also let it slip that the August box will include a t-shirt!

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