Loot Crate Review – November 2012

by Rigg Hendricks

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This is a product review for the November 2012 Loot Crate. Before we begin, a quick rundown of what Loot Crate is for those who are just finding out about it. Loot Crate is a monthly subscription gift box for gamers and geeks. Like other subscription box services, you sign up for a monthly fee and they send you a box of goodies filled with phat lewts – appropriately titled Loot Crate.


Loot Crate Review – November – What’s in the Box?

Loot Crate Review Nov 2012

Loot Crate Review Nov 2012


Lets take a look at what’s inside the November Loot Crate. This month the theme is “Infinity”. This months Loot Crate includes a Master Chief Helmet Tee from JammyMunkey, a Toboscus Slap Bracelet, PWN Gum, a Rubiks Cube Keychain and Solutions Guide, a random sticker from JINX and last but not least an “I Brake for Porkchop Sticker from JINX + Mojang. That’s a pretty interesting Loot Crate selection and a nice variety of items to satisfy different geeky interests.

The key item in this box is the JammyMunkey Master Chief HelmetTee and it’s quite nice. Loot Crate takes the time to communicate with you ahead of time when there’s going to be a t-shirt in the box so you always get the size you want. The tee alone is worth the price of admission. If you’ve been to a con or two then you’ll already know that tees like this usually go for twenty bucks or more. Loot Crate makes the deal worth it and then throws in some other goodies to sweeten the pot.


Loot Crate Review – November – What I Liked

The November Loot Crate is a win. I really like the tee, the Master Chief helmet design is pretty iconic, not to mention epic. The tee seems well made and is soft. Colors are great and not over the top garish. The JINX stickers are handy for swagging up your stuff and who doesn’t like a mini Rubiks Cube? Plus, with the solution guide you’ll seen be amazing your friends and family as you solve that thing and look like a genius. The PWN gum is handy for those long gaming sessions and dealing with “gamer breath”. Loot Crate really delivered with the November crate, almost like a pre-Christmas party!


Loot Crate Review – November – What I Didn’t Like

Not much to complain about here with this months Loot Crate. I wasn’t crazy about the slap bracelet but I’ll admit that’s pretty subjective. Other folks are going to think that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. The truth is that even the stuff that I personally don’t like gets some love from someone. I always share the Loot Crate love and give some stuff away to friends and family so it works out well for everyone.


Loot Crate Review – November – Final Thougts

Loot Crate does a great job of filling these boxes up with cool stuff that’s just like the swag you’d get if you attended a convention or special gaming event. For most folks conventions are out of reach and special events tend to be “media only” press events. Loot Crate presents you with an opportunity to get some great, unique items you might otherwise not be able to get.



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