Loot Crate Review – What You Need to Know!

by Rigg Hendricks

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Loot Crate Review
Loot Crate Review

For those that are unfamiliar with Loot Crate, it’s a monthly subscription based gift box for Geeks and Gamers. It’s similar to other subscription gift box programs like Bark Box (goodies for dogs & dog owners) or Birch Box (makeup and girly stuff). The mechanics are simple, you go to their site, sign up for a subscription and wait for your Loot Crate to show up every month.


Loot Crate Review – How Does Loot Crate Work?


Loot Crate allows you to go month to month, or in three or six month subscription cycles. If you choose to sign up for a longer subscription cycle then you’ll get a discount on your Loot Crate subscription. The cost for a monthly subscription is $13.37 per month plus a $6 shipping and handling fee making the total just under twenty bucks a month. By signing up for a three month subscription you’ll save three dollars and for the six month subscription you’ll save ten dollars overall. Loot crate currently delivers to the US and Canada only.

Prices for Canadian subscribers are significantly higher unfortunately. The base price for Canadian Loot Crate subscribers is $19.95 plus an additional $10 for shipping, bringing the total price to $29.95 per month. Loot Crate does not currently offer any other subscription model than month to month for Canadian subscribers.


Loot Crate Review – What Does My Loot Crate Subscription Get Me?


For the price of admission Loot Crate delivers “6-8 hand picked epic products” every month. There’s usually an underlying theme for each crate. Themes vary but include subjects like Star Wars, Doctor Who, Transformers, and others that are pretty standard and well known in geek culture. There’s usually one word used to describe the theme but chosen carefully so as not to give the contents away, as part of the appeal is that it’s a surprise every month. There’s typically one “big item” in the Loot Crate that’s keyed to the monthly theme and then several smaller items that are relevant.

Oh and before I forget to mention it, all Loot Crate subscribers are automatically entered into a drawing to win a “Mega Crate” valued at $250 every month!


Loot Crate Review – What I Like


Loot Crate is aimed at folks who like geeky stuff and aren’t always able to attend conventions and shows where “epic swag” is typically given away. It’s a pretty neat idea and well executed. I’ve been a subscriber for six months and they have not failed to deliver. They ship like clockwork on the 20th of every month. Additionally, they communicate very well via email and social media, keeping you informed of their progress, the theme and any specials or sometimes sales of leftover items from previous months crates. They are also very good about sending you shipping notifications so you know when to expect your Loot Crate.


Loot Crate Review – What I Don’t Like


To be completely honest, there’s not much to dislike about Loot Crate. It’s pretty cool to come home to a little mystery box of swag and I look forward to it every month. If I had to come up with one complaint it would be that sometimes the contents are a little subjective and may not appeal to everyone’s taste. Most months have fulfilled the promise of “epic loot”. There’s been one or two crates that I found less exciting but that was due to a lack of interest in the subject matter on my part. I can’t really fault Loot Crate for that though, they do a good job of keeping things fresh and interesting month after month.


Loot Crate Review – Final Thoughts


Loot Crate is pretty awesome. It’s easy to sign up for, very reliable and they communicate really well. My Loot Crate shows up every month a few days after the 20th and I’m always stoked to find it on my porch waiting for me to open it up and see what sort of goodies are inside. I’d have to give this a hearty two thumbs up and have been recommending it to all of my friends. If you like getting a monthly surprise package of fun geek and gamer themed items then I’d recommend you give it a try too!


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